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Be My Christian Buddy!!!
An Outreach Ministry of Weapons of Truth International Kingdom.
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*Homeless children are more likely than other children to have physical and
  mental health problems, to experience hunger, and to have educational

*Children without homes are far more likely than their peers to be infected
  with HIV and have other serious health problems.
Kids Connecting With Kids
Every week the youth of Weapons of Truth International Kingdom meet on a
certain day to first pray, then gather their gifts and head out to the designated
place of contact. We introduce ourselves and then we allow our youth to
present their gifts to their chosen child. Once the connection is made, our kids
are then allowed to spend a few hours with their new friend. Our kids leave
with the smile of having made a new friend, and all the kids are excited
because they are looking forward to the next time they will see their new
friend. These kingdom connections aren’t just temporary, but for a
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