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Be My Christian Buddy!!!
An Outreach Ministry of Weapons of Truth International Kingdom.
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Be My Christian Buddy is a Christian outreach ministry that have a focus on children and youth
that have been placed in shelter homes, foster homes, and all other places that house children
that have been left behind. Our program  is designed to bring joy to the faces of all those kids
who believe that no one cares anymore. We have partnered up with local agencies so that we can
accommodate the number of left out children. This program is an all year round mission, so we
have opened up all channels of donations of all kinds.      
Putting a smile on a child’s face is one
of the most rewarding feelings one can
ever experience. Seeing that sad face
turn into a smile is well worth the effort.
Be My Christian Buddy is your premier
source for providing toys and gifts to
many less fortunate and forgotten kids.
Our heart’s compassion for the youth of
our city is overwhelming. God tells us in
his word that it is better to give than it is
to receive. Less fortunate children have a
lot more to be concerned about, so we
want to add some sunshine and smiles to
their day. We want to show them that there
is a source of light in what look likes all
the time dark days. Give a smile today!
Seeing the reaction on this little girl’s
face was priceless. She really did
not think anyone cared about her.
This little girl truly believed that she
wasn’t worthy or good enough to
receive a gift simply because she
believed no one loved her. Be My
Christian Buddy not only put a
smile on her beautiful face, but gave
her hope to believe again in the
small things.
Does this make your heart